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About Us


Millstream Cottage Crafts was born from a love for crafting high quality goods, and memories of summers spent at the cottage on the Millstream River in New Brunswick.  That cottage wasn't fancy but my siblings and I spent untold hours happily creating fun from bits of wood, fabric and our imaginations.


That feeling of accomplishment carried through to the present day in making the products offered here.  There is something about making candles that gives extra satisfaction with the finished product.  Strike a match to a wick and within seconds a warm, cheerful light appears, brightening any space with a golden glow and a wonderful scent.  Beyond the purely aesthetic appeal, candles, when properly and safely burned, can warm us, heat our food and provide a comforting light when the power goes out.  And, of course, nothing says "Romance" better than candlelight.


Soapmaking has rewards all its own.  Combining oils, water and lye is only the beginning!  Making soap allows me to bring a unique product to people with ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties, their pleasing scent and their luxurious feel on the skin.  Add in special ingredients, premium essential or fragrance oils as well as colourants and you have a soap that is as unique as you are.


Creams and lotions and other bath and body products followed naturally from soapmaking.  They allow us to pamper and indulge ourselves on our own terms and within our own budgets.


From time to time there will be various accessories available that coordinate with or can be used with our products available for purchase here.  We trust you will find something you will enjoy among them.


Today's world is a busy one.  My aim is to bring top quality Soap, Candles, Bath & Body products and accessories to you, the discerning buyer, in the easiest, most convenient way possible.  Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Ann McGee

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